R&J goes Modern

Once upon a time, Ramon & Jessica wrote some music some music decided to write music based on a children’s book a book for children it was by Gertrude Stein, Gertrude Stein is who it was by. The music was to be a cappella only voices, no instruments only voices, singing only and only to be for 6. Singers. The book called, The World Is Round.
The music to be written and sung will be good. It will be good, and you will hear it thanks to the San Francisco Friends of Friends. Friends of Chamber Music, the Music of Chambers. Thank you to them, and they are to be thanked. Stay tuned.

not just another kickstarter… Never Enough Hope!


Brought to you by Ramon & Jessica….About this project

The Gigantic Band returns! We are thrilled that Never Enough Hope has the opportunity to play and record together again.  (Featuring Ramon of R&J on violin… plus dozens of other improvisors from around the country, gathering in Chicago June 20 – 25)

We turn to Kickstarter- and via Kickstarter, you- to help cover the costs for the rehearsal, recording, mixing and mastering of the record; the room, the engineer, the producer.